Linda Gail Lewis is a country and rock ‘n’ roll singer and pianist who has been making music since decades. She is known for her powerful voice and her energetic performances, which have earned her a devoted fan base over the years. She has a willingness to experiment with different musical genres. Her albums showcase her range as a performer and her deep love for the music.

They have also inspired many individuals who sought to make a career in country music genre. Whether she performed classic rock ‘n’ roll or country music, Linda Gail Lewis’s songs have always been amazing. It is her passion and energy that make these songs worth listening to. Now, let’s take a look at some of her most famous albums:

1. The Two Sides of Linda Gail Lewis

This 1969 release is Linda Gail Lewis’s debut album. It showcases her talent her talent in both rock ‘n’ roll and country music. The album includes covers of songs by Chuck Berry, Linda’s brother Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bob Dylan. It also features the original songs written by Linda herself. The album was well-received by critics and helped establish Linda as a rising star.

2. International Affair

After a long break from recording, Linda Gail Lewis returned to the music scene with International Affair in 1990. This album features collaborations with artists from all over the world. It includes duets with musicians from France, England, Spain, and Sweden, as well as Linda’s brother Jerry Lee Lewis. The album showcases Linda’s versatility as a performer and her willingness to experiment with new sounds and styles.

3. You Win Again

In the album You Win Again, Linda collaborated with Van Morrison. He is a Northern Irish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose career has spanned seven decades. This was Morrison’s 28th studio album. It was recorded at the Wool Hall in Bath, England. A 2000 release, this album features the title track and Old Black Joe, which was originally performed by Jerry Lee Lewis.

4. Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows is a departure from Linda Gail Lewis’s usual sound. The album features her performing jazz standards. Released in 2002, it includes covers of songs by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and Duke Ellington. The album showcases Linda’s calibre as a performer and her ability to interpret a variety of musical genres.

5. Boogie Woogie Country Girl

This album is a tribute to Linda’s roots in rock and roll and country music. Released in 2004, the album features covers of classic songs by some of the famous artists. It also has songs that were written by Linda. The album is a high-energy celebration of the music that has inspired Linda throughout her career.

6. Hard Rockin’ Woman

Released in 2015, this album was recorded at the famous Lanark Studios. It was recorded and mixed with real instruments and a real band the old school way. This is the first album that Linda recorded with Lanark Records. It truly captures the soul and spirit of her live performances. Some of the tracks in this album were her live performances with a few of them having guitar and harmony overdubs.

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